Advice for Garden Growers

The below are growing guidelines only, planting and harvest times are dependent on region and climate.

Growing Instructions


Carefully place your seed potatoes in shallow boxes, or egg cartons to encourage seed to sprout. Keep away from frost and store in a cool area. 

5-6 weeks before you wish to plant, move to a bright, warm location (about 10 degrees Celsius) to produce a strong, thick sprout. The ideal sprout is 1 inch in length and green colour.
Make sure to store your potatoes rose end upwards. While not essential for maincrop varieties, we strongly recommend sprouting your earlies.  


Planting your potatoes in a trench about 5” deep in your soil ensuring the sprout is facing upwards. 
Rows should be made 24” apart for Early varieties, and 30” apart for Maincrop.
Seed spacing within the row, Earlies should be placed 12” apart, Maincrop 15”.
Fill the trench and apply suitable fertiliser/farmyard manure along the row. Finish off the trench with fresh topsoil.


The key to growing potatoes is giving the correct amount of water: not too much at first, but once they get to about 15” high they should be kept moist.


Earlies - Plant Feb - March allowing 10-12 weeks to mature (13-15 weeks for second earlies), harvest around June.
Maincrop - Plant mid-late April, allowing 20 weeks to mature, to be harvested August onwards. 
Note: planting and harvest times are subject to weather and climate.

Earthing Up

When all plants have emerged to about 6-8inches, pull up the soil between the rows and around the plants. This will improve tuber numbers and prevent greening.
Potatoes are generally ready when the foliage turns yellow and dies away. Harvest your potatoes as required. Do not expose to sunlight. Store in boxes or hessian sacks.

Growing in pots or containers?

You will require approx. 40 litres to grow a good crop of from 5 seed potatoes. Your container will need sufficient drainage in the bottom, use a layer of stones or broken pots in the base. Use general purpose compost rather than garden soil.
The number of tubers you can plant in a container will depend on the diameter of the pot, and the vigour of the variety. Try five in a dustbin sized container, three in a 40 cm pot, one in a 25 cm diameter container.
Add a 6 inch layer of compost to the bottom of the container, place the seed potatoes with eyes facing up about 2 inches into the compost. Cover with 5-6 inches of compost. As the potato shoots grow, add more compost. Continue this earthing up until the compost is 2-3 inches below the rim of the container.

* These are growing guidelines only, and depend on region and climate