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  • Breeding – McCreight Potatoes has a strong link with AFBI, the national breeding station based in Loughgall, where many new varieties are produced. McCreight Potatoes continually search for the best varieties for each sector of the industry.
  • Production – McCreight Potatoes has a dedicated seed potato grower group, producing high quality Irish, Scottish and English free and protected seed varieties to cater for every customer’s requirements. Each year McCreight Potatoes also produces high grade Pre Basic material.
  • Packaging – McCreight Potatoes is proud to offer a wide range of packaging options. With the introduction of new packaging equipment MP can now offer attractive pre-pack options. From 1kg-10kg net packs with all important variety info and plant details printed on pack. Growing instructions also printed on each pack
  • Refrigeration – based in Co. Down we have a large storage facility including two refrigerated cold stores. Seed Potatoes are gradually cooled to an optimum temperature for long term storage. Once ready for dispatch they are graded and packed depending on requirements. This ensures that customers receive the healthiest and freshest potatoes for the time of year.
  • Storage – With two large stores and a third in production, McCreight Potatoes boasts plenty of storage room for both seed and ware potatoes. Our cold stores ensure the best quality for longer.
  • Transport – McCreight Potatoes can deliver any size order across the UK. Along with dedicated hauliers, we run our own articulated lorry for local delivers throughout Ireland.
  • Export – McCreight Potatoes exports seed potatoes worldwide. We are pleased to offer high quality Irish and Scottish Seed Potatoes from our farm based in Rathfriland, Co. Down.
    With the introduction of seed passports, customers now receive detailed information on every seed stock. Phytosanitary certificates issued by the Northern Irish Government guarantee all seed scheduled for export markets are grown to the highest of standards
    For all export enquiries please contact Alex McCreight: