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Free Varieties

McCreight Potatoes can supply most free varieties, such as - Agria, Desiree, Charlotte, Maris Piper, British Queen.

New Seedlings flowers from potato

New Seedlings

McCreight Potatoes have exciting new varieties coming through the breeding program every year.

Alanis potatoes


A medium late, long tuber potato variety which has due to the voluminous shape a very good suitability for processing French Fries.

Celebration potatoes


Celebration is a mid-early firm cooking variety with a good tuber count and festive appearance. It has yellow flesh and an excellent taste.

DAMASK potatoes


Damask is a red skin variety, growing in all kind of climate zones. With very good adaptation.

Francis potatoes


A very early potato variety with a light yellow flesh color.

Rassen_Efera potatoes


Efera is a maincrop variety, with excellent taste and presentation. The variety can be used for the fresh market and processing.

Rassen_Lily-Rose potatoes

Lily Rose

Lily Rose is a red skinned, red-fleshed, firm cooking oval ware potato. The variety can be used for the fresh market and processing.

Rassen_Lucera potatoes


Lucera is a firm cooking ware potato with a brilliant skin and an extremely high yield. The specific waxy taste makes the variety unique.

Rassen_Meera potatoes


Meera is an early maincrop variety with a very low alkaloid %, which is very suitable for the production of crisps with an excellent taste.

Rassen_Mondeo potatoes


Mondeo is an attractive variety for the fresh and retail market. Mondeo has good storability and is suitable for all soil types.

Rassen_Purple-Rain potatoes

Purple Rain

Purple rain is an early maincrop variety with purple flesh and skin. The firm cooking long oval tubers are suitable as ware potatoes.



Rosegarden is a red skin variety, growing in all kind of climate zones. Is very suitable for processing of French fries, with a very good early yield.

Rassen potatoes


Sherman is a mid-early variety with an excellent taste and high percentage big tubers. It is very suitable for baked or jacket-potatoes.

Rassen potatoes


Vicenta is a mid-early firm cooking variety, with an excellent skin and consumption quality. A high percentage is marketable in big sizes.

Rassen_Vitabella potatoes


Vitabella is early, tasteful, oval and firm cooking. For organic / low input growing. The tubers with yellow colour of flesh present well.

BIM potatoes


Vitanoire is an early, firm cooking potato with purple flesh and excellent taste.